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A huge step up from 2014 logo 9/3/2015 Dennis

I checked out the 2016 Maxima Platinum almost as an afterthought. I was looking at several cars including the Audi A4 & A6, the Acura TLX Advance, Lexus GS350 and IS350, and the Infiniti Q50. I was really surprised at how well the Maxima stacked up. You will love or hate the new bold in-your-face exterior (I love it) but the interior is a huge leap forward from the older Max. Lighting options provide a very classy curb appearance along with the standard signature boomerand LED running lights. The high console and large screen (tilted slightly toward the driver) seem inspired by fighter jet design. The seats are large and supportive and the driving position very comfortable. The Max is very close in size to the Acura TLX but looks much bigger because of the lines and high hood design. The infotainment systems are colorful and intuitive and the Bose audio is crisp and realistic. Heated and ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel and exterior mirrors (auto-dimming on the driver side) and the safety features in the Platinum edition are very impressive for a non-luxury brand - I would love to know how they make that 360 degree camera view work - it looks like the view from a drone flying above the car. Great for positioning in a parking space! Sonar systems on the corners and collision avoidance warnings also very helpful. Ride is a little stiffer than the average family car, but not at all harsh. Low end torque is very satisfying when trying to get up to speed quickly.On the down side, the Max is a little short on 12v outlets compared to its competitors and the front passenger is limited to four-way seat adjustment rather than eight-way that some of the Max's competitors offer - not a lot of fun for a short passenger. Trunk size seems limited by the wheel wells. Acura offers a two full screen infotainment system that some critics have called "confusing" but I found it more flexible than the Max's - the Acura Advance also has a hard drive you can store music on which is a nice feature. The Nissan warranty also comes up a little short when compared with some of the competitors.Overall, the Max Platinum impressed me enough to forego the luxury brands. Pleased with that decision so far.

Average Rating : 4


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