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A lot of bang for your buck logo 9/2/2015 Paul Spagnolia

First off know that I traded in an Impreza with bad engine issues that was 2.5 years old and had 61K on it for this. I'm HYPER critical of Subaru's at this point and they're on their last chance with me with this car. I got the XV Crosstrek as a better solution to the Impreza. Higher ground clearance, basically the same body with an extra inch on either side, MUCH better toys inside than my 2013 Impreza. ExteriorLets start with the outside, It's a nice looking car, even nicer looking In my opinion than the Impreza. It takes that body style and gives it some muscular looks. That said Subaru did some smart things. Things like the Steering Responsive fog lights that are painted the same color as the body. This is a great feature and looks awesome on this premium style. I like the wheels and the tires are the standard Subaru equipment Yokohama Geolanders. They ride incredibly smooth and have a low road resistance which makes for great milage in this style car. Speaking of mileage, I've had my crosstrek for almost 3 weeks now and it has 2400 miles on it thanks to a vacation trip from MA to Niagara Falls. That's 800 miles of it right off the bat. I've had a lot of chance to drive it under normal road driving however understand that I do A LOT of highway miles (henceforth a 2.5 year old impreza with 61K on it). Believe it or not, I'm averaging 35.4 mpg. That's on my 30 mile commute to and from work. The one I chose came equipped with the Eyesight system and a remote start. Both I absolutely LOVE!!!! Adaptive cruise control is the way to go, the car maintains a set distance which I can adjust for heavier or no traffic. There's 3 distances in all and they're speed dependent. The faster you go, the more distance it'll give. It performs admirably. I use it all the time and It is what's mostly responsible for the stellar mileage I'm getting. Well, that and the fact that it's a brand new car with no wear, perfect alignment, and new tires. Interior The driver and passenger front seats are roomy and more comfortable than my impreza...I dont know why I feel that way as they're the same seats. I think it might be the better visibility and more peace of mind being a full 4 or 5 inches higher up. I have the black cloth and in typical subaru fashion, they look nice but look a little flimsy cloth wise. The interior is that of my Impreza...pretty much the same size and functions the same way. Telescoping steering wheel... Fold down seats allow for good storage however understand that you wont be hauling 8' 2x4's in this car without having the rear hatch open. The gagues are pretty straightforward, a tach, speedometer, and a digital speedo and status panel in between them. The graphics are nice and in color. The clock and temp are still up on top of the middle of the dash and have been the same for at least 4 or 5 years. No biggie, they work nicely. The Starlink 7.0 infotainment system is good. Sometimes it will get overwhelmed if you have bluetooth attached and are listening to Sirius satellite radio, taking a call, and getting a text at the same time. It seems (although I don't know this for a fact) that it might have a software reset somewhere within it's code that resets the system eventually. I would Imagine it might need a software update at some point. That said, the thing is INCREDIBLE!!!! It reads texts to me while I'm driving and even gives me the option to do a quick reply like 'I'm driving leave me alone!' lol....Bluetooth phone call quality is STELLAR compared to the impreza....probably due to a better mic or better system in general, All my folks who I talk to while driving appreciate that..again this system has lots of toys, It'll access pandora, aha, Subaru Starlink, and a host of other apps HOWEVER, it access's them all through your bluetooth connected Wifi device such as your smart phone. You need to have the apps installed on your phone for the starlink system to access them. Also Starlink is it's own app from subaru. That has all kinds of feeds in it too. Speakers are good stock and the system sounds really good.

Average Rating : 4


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