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A low-key yet VERY competent car, and a great value logo 3/21/2015 driver1001

Having come from a 300 horsepower Volvo S60-R (their attempt at a sports car), which proved to be quite unreliable, I was looking for a car that would be a great value, dependable, and still somewhat fun to drive. I knew at this price point it'd be a challenge. The 2.0T "Sport" trim, is definitely a tighter ride and more power than the 2.4 non-turbo. I'd call it "sportier" but not a sports car. However, I really, really it. By reconfiguring the engine to crank out torque around 1350 RPM, there's next-to-no turbo lag, and that much more usable power, especially in daily conditions. Very happy with this purchase. This car just goes about it's job really well!

Favorite Feature : Extremely quiet. Though I loved the Mazda 6's handling, the car's noise was a dealbreaker for me. Roominess: I'm 6'2" with long legs. The seat in this car goes back as far as I need it. Finally.The ride is planted yet goes over bumps with finesse. The handling, while not sports-tight, is good considering you're not feeling every bump. The milage can be quite good if one is really light on the pedal; I've gotten 28 MPG around town. But again, LIGHT on the pedal. Having driven the car 1700 miles, with some of the rides really laying into the gas pedal, the average is around 26. When you compare all the features and quality of the build, the value of this car's just great.

Suggested Improvement : One reviewer stated "The steering wheel doesn't talk, but it listens" That's perfectly put: Could use more road feel, but the steering's precise. There's a bit of understeer, which I understand to be present in many front-wheel drive cars.I have the non-premium sound system. It certainly could be better, but didn't want to pay for a sunroof in order to get the better system. Such is life. :)These are the only two things I'd tweak. Otherwise, it's a great vehicle, and I'd highly recommend it.

Average Rating : 4.75


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