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A mediocre SUV logo 7/25/2015 Dean

I recently received my Equinox as my company car. Overall, it is not a bad car, but I hardly see why one would purchase it retail unless a good deal was offered. I'll keep the review simple:Pros:- Rides well and is reasonably quiet if you do not press the accelerator too hard (the 4-cylinder is loud when pressed). This is definitely one of the quieter small SUVs out there.- It handles fairly well for an SUV and comes with great Michelin Latitude tires (a huge plus)- The my link infotainment system works well and is a synch to use.- A/C blows nice and cold - great for those of us in the South- The rear seat has good leg room- Great crash test scores - Build quality seems good - The lane departure warning is helpfulCons:- The turning radius is 42 feet - HORRIBLE!! This thing is a chore to park in tight spaces. It is way easier to park our longer and wider Toyota Sienna (40 foot turning radius). - Speaking of our Sienna, averaging 22 MPG in mixed driving with a V-6. The Equinox is getting an average of 21 in mostly highway driving. - People who say this thing accelerates adequately must be coming from a 3 cylinder or live in a completely flat area. I have driven 4-cylinder accords (3 of them), a 4-cylinder fusion and a 4-cyclinder Rogue. All were easily quicker than this car. Even more sadly, our Sienna would sprint circles around this thing - yes a minivan beating a 'cool' SUV. If you have to accelerate on an incline for freeway speeds, good luck!- The cargo area is relatively small. We had a Rogue before (second generation), and it had way more usable space in the cargo area. Granted, you can slide the rear seats, but then you kill your rear leg room. - Finally, the seat comfort is lacking. The front seats are hard, and are fine on short distances. However, any journey past 2 hours, you will have a sore rear. The rear seat is great for leg room and is more comfortable, but sit in either outboard seat, and you notice a huge gap between it and the door. This translates into less hip room. Not sure why Chevrolet did not stretch the seat out more - there is room to do so. Other small SUVs I have been in do, and they score the same in side crash tests.Overall, this is not a bad SUV by any means. It certainly gets the job done. However, the sticker on my model is right at 30k. There are way better choices for this amount of money (think Rogue, CR-V, Santa Fe, Edge). I am not a crossover guy really, I like the most bang for my buck. You can have a Toyota Sienna LE for about the price of this thing. You get triple the room, a more comfortable ride, better fuel economy and better acceleration. Plus, getting kids in and out of it is so much easier.

Average Rating : 3


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