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A month of driving and no complaints logo 8/31/2015 Leslie Feray

Wanted to wait a month before posting a review; I always rely on Edmunds info for car purchases. I have been very pleased. My previous vehicle was a 2011 Sequoia LTD. From an interior perspective, there is not that much less room than the Sequoia, but is so much easier to handle and drive. I have not experienced any problems with acceleration, braking, noises, etc. I did place an 8" screen protector over the navigation and it has helped tremendously on fingerprints. I love the blue LED lighting at night throughout the interior. I find the navigation and Bluetooth features easy to use - I have mainly used the screen and not the voice recognition.In deciding on the Pilot I also seriously considered the Infinity QX60 and the Toyota Highlander. The Highlander was eliminated because I really wanted a bench 2nd row and with that criteria you have to get a basic Highlander without a lot of the "nice" features. The QX60 you could get similar features to the Touring Pilot Model, but the price shot way up and often some of the safety features were "packaged" with other features I didn't want. Another feature I really like on the Pilot is the wide console between the two seats which is "friendly" to hold a purse or papers. It's flat the QX60 was narrow and curved. I routinely have a teenager in the front seat so that is important to me. Lots of storage compartments in the back is another big plus.The only two things I've noticed after driving several hundred miles (things you don't notice when you test drive) the clock is part of the navigation screen. The kids love it - they can clearly see it from the backseat, however you do not see the time until the "warning" messages go away when you start the car. For someone that checks the time the minute they start the car, this is taking some getting used to - again minor - but what I noticed. Also the Auto Engine Stop takes some getting used to when driving in traffic. You can turn it off at any time, but it appears that you have to turn it off every time you start the car. It's not like the "econ" mode that stays on or off indefinitely independent of turning the car on and off. But it's an easy button to reach. I really like the "push button" gear shifts - a lot more than I thought I would - so fast and convenient. One tip on extended warranty - if you choose to do one - I did Honda Care - the dealership started out hundreds more than you can purchase one on-line for. Honda Care is Honda Care - doesn't matter which dealership it is purchased from. If that is something you are interested in, get a price quote from the internet before signing the papers at the dealership. Make them match or beat the price you can get on-line... we saved over $800 buying the warranty this way.

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