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A perfect example of LOVE and HATE relationship logo 4/7/2017 ChrisMo

After owning several XJs and ZJs over the years, I decided to move into a brand new 2016 JKU. The version I have is a Sahara Backcountry so it's equipped with some off road goodies plus I found one with some options such as the 3.73 gears, Tru-Lock rear locker, top of the line audio/nav system. remote start, and the supplemental side airbags which are, surprisingly, still optional. MSRP Over $45,000. It's been almost a year and a half and 13k miles so I think I can give a honest review. First, I am well aware I bought a Wrangler, and what that means as far as owning a boxy, heavy, full framed SUV designed for capability, not luxury. So my complaints will not be about things I knew I was getting into with this. Mine has been in the shop for about 25 days of the last year. My freedom top leaks (and still does), an axle seal failed, rusty water is comes out from behind the center caps after it rains/goes thru a car wash, a bumper applique started peeling off, my front differential had to be completely rebuilt twice and had a recall on an airbag module. . This week I've started noticing a rough idle combined with a rattle, possibly a heat shield, when at a stop. I have not modified mine. With all that said, owning a Wrangler puts you into an exclusive group (if you want that). There's a camaraderie with other owners and feeling of security driving one. I love the way it looks, and people give me compliments all the time or say "I wish I could get one." It's a beast on sand or snow, and nothing compares to taking the doors off in the summertime. Fortunately, I have a daily driver so mine sits most of the time, which makes it a treat to take out when I do.

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