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A Pleasing Alternative to Ford, Nissan, Honda logo 7/7/2015 roubaud

First off, I don't want a car everyone else has -- so that knocked off the fusion, accord, and altima (which are also terribly boring to look at or be in). After a 1,300 mile trip I can say a few things with certainty:The car does not drive as stiff as many reviews say, even with 19" wheels. I'd say if anything it's an average ride quality -- you do feel the road, but it's not like driving over a washboard gravel lane. It's not a luxury car, but in general, it feels like one more often than not (our last two cars were Acuras).


Favorite Feature : The exterior is different, it's sexy, you feel sexy driving it. The turning LED headlights are superb and neat to see. The inside is easy on the eyes -- no visual chaos -- and everything is laid out clearly for less distraction (and less buttons). The control area near the shifter is just a dream -- no need to use the touch screen & grease it up, no need to lift your arm ever again. The head's up display was distracting the first day, then awesome thereafter -- a shocker.Overall the 6 is a better alternative. Period.

Suggested Improvement : 1) While driving you cannot scroll around the nav map to see what's near you, can only zoom in and out. Annoying.2) Cannot look for points of interest while driving unless you do so audibly. Somewhat annoying. 3) Satellite radio will not stay on the channel list so you can scroll down -- once you choose a station it goes back to the home screen. Very annoying. 4) Really needs more power while passing semis on a two lane highway -- you can see your future and it's a head on collision. But in town there's plenty of power off the line, and that's where we do most of our driving. 5) Lots of glare on a sunny day right at eye level from the head's up display and dash.

Average Rating : 4.5


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