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A Pleasure to Own logo 6/17/2015 gski87

I bought the Corolla after looking for a car I know would last for years, that would look great, and have all the little features I wanted. It looks great inside and out and it's a lot of fun to drive. I honestly love the CVT engine--I try my best to get the most MPG I can get. I'm at 42.7 MPG on my current tank (I drive 80% highway) so I'm not sure where the other reviewer was coming from.

Favorite Feature : I love opening and locking the doors/trunk with a touch of my hand. Heated seats, sunroof, cup holders galore, climate control system, and it's easy to save and access all my favorite radio stations. I like how they kept the cruise control stick where it was. It's much easier to use than one's on the steering wheel itself.

Suggested Improvement : Very minor complaints. I miss the auto DRL my old Camry had--it was a minor convenience I got used to. Also I feel like my driver side mirror is significantly smaller than my old Camry's. Nav gets me to where I'm going, but real-time traffic isn't great so I end up using Google Maps a lot instead.

Average Rating : 4.75


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