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A Plethora of Bad Experiences logo 12/9/2016 Hari Jay

Do not buy this Car !!! A couple of months after I bought this car , the check engine light comes up when I was driving home from work. I take it to hyundai and they replace the High Pressure Fuel pump. At the same time I noticed there were other recalls for my car and had them check the engine for trouble. Hyundai gave it a clean bill of health. Fast forward 3 months , I`m driving down Ontario 4012 , suddenly there is a loud metallic knocking sound from the front and the car dies. I have it towed to a mechanic close by and he tells me the Engine is out and I will have to replace the Engine. I take it to hyundai and they tell me the car is out of warranty ( 140k Kms) and they wouldn`t do anything about it (Cooksville Hyundai Mississauga). Long story short , I spent 5000$ to get the Engine fixed and traded it in for a new vehicle. Very sour taste in my mouth and will never buy from Hyundai as long as I live.

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