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A really great car with a few significant flaws logo 9/13/2015 ZoomnRamnWranglin

The 2016 Mazda 6 GT is a great car with a few significant flaws short of being equal to any Audi, BMW or Mercedes.The great: 1) This car is one of the most beautiful cars on the planet. 2) The interior of this car (2016+) equals or exceeds a luxury brand. 3) Gas Mileage is phenomenal. 4) The build quality of this car is awesome - the best of any car I have ever owned. The not so great: 1) This car IS NOT fun to drive - it is significantly under-powered, the engine is harsh under load, and braking power is mediocre at best. 2) While the new entertainment system and high mounted display is much improved, the voice recognition system is absolutely frustrating and basically useless. 3) The new console looks great, but is not very functional - the armrest is located very far back and the console storage is very tiny. Overall - the car seems like a bargain luxury car, but from personal experience it comes up short of my expectations.

Average Rating : 4


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