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A rental drive won me over! logo 7/27/2015 George Bixler

My previous car was a 2009 Sonata Limited. It was a good value car, reliable and dependable, but it wasn't a particularly exciting car to drive. So, when the time came to look for a replacement, the 2015 Sonata was not on my list - I had driven a Mazda6, an Accord (of which I had previously owned 3), and a Legacy (still own a 2003 wagon) - all terrific cars. But when I needed to rent a car to drive to the North Carolina Outer Banks for a vacation, the rental company gave me a 2015 Sonata SE. It only took me about 5 miles to realize that this was an entirely different car from my 2009. It handled much more tightly, was tomb-quiet, seats were amazingly comfortable, highway ride was terrific, interior design and controls were where they should be - everything just "fit." When I returned from putting 1200 miles on the rental, I knew the 2015 Sonata needed to be on my list. No, it was not as sporty to drive as either the Mazda 6 or the Accord, and it didn't have the AWD of the Legacy. But it had won over not only my head, but my heart as well. To me, I get 90% of the driving quality/enjoyment of the Mazda 6, whereas the 6's taut ride gives me only 60% of the Sonata's ride quality. The Legacy's AWD was also a big draw. But the Sonata was just the best overall car for me and my wife. And the deal we got from Hyundai was markedly better than the deals offered on the other models, so the deal was sealed. We are now happily driving a 2.4 Limited (power is just fine, by the way), averaging right at 30+ mpg in mixed driving, and we have every technological and safety feature (except AWD) we could want. And finally, while looks are subjective, I think the 2015 Sonata looks much more refined than the 2014 model. If you are looking for a midsize sedan, don't overlook this car. It may not exactly fit your needs, but it surely fits ours. I am nearly 65, and this will be our "retirement trip" car for the next number of years. We are very happy with our purchase!

Average Rating : 5


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