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A strong, spacious, unreliable ride. logo 9/13/2015 Oriley Conner

I Taurus used in 2008. At the time it only had 14,000 miles on it. The first few years of owning this car was great. It is roomy, comfortable to drive in for long periods of time, has ample capacity for passengers and luggage. The acceleration was pretty decent, and the front wheel drive made driving in snow and rain safer. For about the first 5 years the car was reliable and I never really had any problems with it. But then the car just start to fall apart. In last 2 years of the cars life I had to constantly put take it in for repairs and replacement of parts. The rewiring, replacement of spark plugs, battery, the solenoid, breaks, the flex pipe (twice... my mechanic told me that the Taurus is famous for breaking flex pipes.) But the real glaring problem with my Taurus is that the transmission started to act very badly. At first the gear changes would be a little clunky, then they started slipping when ever coming into or out of first gear. If I didn't hit the gears just right when starting from a dead start the gears would grind horribly, especially when making a turn from a dead stop doing this would make the whole car shake violently. In fact it shook the car so bad that it broke my flex pipe, my mechanic thought i had hit something. I cannot really recommend this car because of it's reliability issues.

Average Rating : 3


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