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a truly annoying car logo 7/9/2016 Sam

This review is based on renting the car for 5 days. They took a decent, comfortable sedan, and tried to stuff it full of annoying electronic features that do annoying things at inexplicable times. It was always beeping and shrieking for no apparent reason. Never did figure it out. The displays are confusing and too bright. The "keyless" key was equally annoying. You didn't have to put it into a switch, so you toss it somewhere, but you still have to dig it out to lock the car, which winds up being as much or more trouble. It did move along comfortably, as one would expect of an American big car [big by today's standards, anyway.] The trunk was nice and roomy. The seats seemed to be leather, so maybe it was an SEL, I don't know. The cabin temperature was always too hot or too cold, and someone thought it was a good idea for any change to the settings to take place over 5-10 seconds, to confuse people further. Would not own this car.

Average Rating : 2


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