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A typical 4 cylinder Automatic. logo 8/23/2015 David T.

I drive a 2012 equinox LT2 FWD daily and have had no issues with it and it august 2015. It a SUV with a 4 cylinder engine so if you consider the weight to engine size of course it going to be a little slow a typical 4 without turbo. MPG is great I get 32 on long trips and 23city mix driving. I do notice the transmission jerk once in awhile when going 15-40 when I let off gas and step on again when approaching a light. I believe it is just the flywheel catching up again nothing to worry about. All automatics shift different. If you don't like automatic consider a CVT. I also own a 2015 Subaru Forester 2.5 Touring.

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