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A very sad update to "16 Months of Fun and Comfort logo 8/19/2015 BendBob

I could not see a way to update or edit a previous review.It is with a very sad heart that I must update my previous posting, "16 Months of Fun and Comfort"If you read my previous review you'll see that we LOVED this car. But within weeks of posting that and with many miles already on the car, we began experiencing the same frustrating and dangerous transmission issues as everyone else. We just worked a deal to trade the car back in to the dealership on a used Grand Cherokee. We should NOT have had to do this!We were at the point of having the trans replaced, but after reaching out to a number of people who also got new transmissions installed, nobody felt it was a long term fix. Since our own experience did not begin until nearly 40k miles, there was just no way to have confidence in this car anymore. I cannot recommend strongly enough to avoid this car until ZF comes up with a working transmission. With all the lawsuits piling up now, and after paying a record $105M fine for poor response to such issues, I expect they will drop this model after the next year's production run. Such a shame!!!

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