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A Worthy Commuter Car logo 8/19/2015 Jordan Bockelman

I bought my 2014 GT (pitch black with hyper black wheels, automatic transmission,) new in April of 2014 and over a year and 17000 miles later I have very few, very minor complaints. Overall it's a great car and gets me to work on time with good MPG. Outward visibility is good, but as with most new cars the A and C pillars are quite thick and hard to see around. Thankfully my car has blind spot monitoring which has helped me more than once! The whole infotainment system works exceptionally well. All the menu's are extremely easy to navigate and operate, but the touch sensitivity should be adjustable. More than once I've found myself tapping the same button multiple times trying to get it to register. Navigation, radio controls, climate controls, they're all very user friendly. There are two features that I found annoying. The rain sensing windshield wipers don't work very well. They tend not to be very intuitive and I ended up disabling it. The other feature I dislike is the rear parking sensors. They work very well, but I disabled them because while backing out of my garage they would go insane. Not a fun thing first thing in the morning. Interestingly even after the sensors have been turned off, they still sometimes sporadically work. Sometimes while backing out of a steep driveway the sensors will go off at random. Sometimes they'll sense something extremely far away, something it wouldn't sense if the sensors were turned on. And sometimes they do nothing at all. The other complaint I have is the ride quality. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I bought the GT. It rides like a rock in a washer, but that's what it's supposed to do. It corners really well and rides fairly quietly, but due to the terrible roads in my town, the car takes a bit of a beating and I feel most of it too. As a result the plastic panel above the rear view mirror rattles against the windshield and tends to drive me nuts.

Average Rating : 5


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