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A6 Quatam Leap.... logo 7/23/2015 audinorcal

Great, simple, muscular and "light catching" design with an interior that will stunningly surround and sooth you. The precision and quality of the interior and its fit are truly reflective of exceptional thought and engineering. The car holds its grip on the road and curves; rides with extreme comfort, and acceleration when needed is precise and perky. You won't ever notice when the 8 speed tiptronic transmission is shifting. If you are into a lot of tech, you won't be displeased. And if you are an average person, you won't be overwhelmed. The infotainment system in the center console is very driver-oriented and one you get familiar with everything it does (and you probably won't get that far, it does so much!) you barely need to take your eye off the road to navigate the system. The driver display (between the gauges) is awesome and easily and efficiently keeps you, the driver, oriented as to a variety of systems in the car (including the radio, media, navigation, fuel consumption and so many other things), all easily accessed by the steering wheel buttons. Fuel efficiency is great, especially with a car with this much muscle. Although I am not a speed demon and am past the age of wanting to take the car next to me at the stoplight off the line every chance I get, I can attest to this amazing six-cylinder engine's ability to get you from zero to sixty in 5.2 seconds. It's an amazing car, amazingly and thoughtfully engineered in every detail. I know that the Japanese inspired and designed luxury brands are great, but they just don't seem to have that Germanic edge that the Audi brand possesses. I drove a lot of other cars before I got behind the wheel of a 2016 A6, and I was sold before I even pushed the start engine button. And if you are looking for real quality in this category, you will find the A6 3.0 Quattro to be a car of real comparative value to other cars in the $60k-$70k price range.

Average Rating : 5


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