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Above average but very versatile logo 8/18/2015 rdf63

Xterrra is a SUV build on a truck base. Good parts of the car: Great room from the ground to the undercarraige which makes driving in the snow very easy. Huge difference in deivimg the Xterra XE in the snow versus a saller car. Excellent space in the car with 6 stereo speakers and multiple USB ports. I installed a JVC radio and it looks and sounds terrific. Kids can plug in cell phones or chargers anywhere. Also not a bad looking vehicle and used touch up paint very effectively. Overall paint has held up quite well. Bad parts: Timing belt at 105K is very expensive. Car can be shaky at times but you have to remember it is a truck you are driving not a car. Gas mileage is pretty tough. I am at 16/22 but can use regular 87 gas. Windshield gets foggy pretty quick and engine is not easy to work on. Well those are the facts. Its a safe car that can be used for a lot of things whether it be taking your kids and his or her friends somewhere to putting golf clubs or construction equipment in the back. It is very versatile.

Average Rating : 3


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