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Absolutely awful. There are better choices logo 3/8/2015 festiboi2

Bought a brand new Fit because it made an excellent showroom impression; the magic seats, cargo flexibility, and lots of standard features on the base model. But owning this car is a nightmareReliability woes have haunted this car from the beginning; mostly odd trim and electrical issues, including exterior trim breaking and taillights filling with waterIt's not the most refined subcompact; other offerings have more power, better sorted manual transmissions, and are quieter. For city life, it is perfect. It's easy to park, economical, and can haul loads of gear.Honda just started building the Fit at an all-new plant in Mexico and some of the quality issues are showing.

Favorite Feature : The magic seat is the star of the show; it flips, folds, and enables lots of interior flexibility. Two full size adults can sit comfortably in the back.Visibility is excellent all around with large windows There's lots of equipment on the base LX; Bluetooth, cruise, back-up camera, etc. It's excellent valueAll controls and gauges are easy to read and logical. The base radio interface is clean and crisp (and there's a volume knob unlike the EX)Fuel economy is excellent; an average of 37mpg around town and up 46mpg on a recent tripThe clutch and shifter are fluid and smooth. Very fun to slip through gears

Suggested Improvement : Honda you can do better than this. Quality has been dismal. My old Daewoo-sourced Aveo felt better constructed than this and never gave me this much trouble. Battery, electrical, and exterior trim problems are reoccurring (and for some strange reason, taillights that fill with water). Pick it up at the new Mexico plant!There is always relentless noise! Road noise, engine whine, and road rumble. I know it's an economy car, but once again, even the Aveo beats it on this.The manual gearing is dreadful. 5th and 6th gears are so closely spaced that 5th really serves no purposeFront seats need to go back further. The front passenger and I always have our knees in the dash

Average Rating : 2.875


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