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absolutely perfect logo 4/15/2015 gerrith

I have never owned a better car. I fell in love with my impala the second I drove it. Their not joking when they say "torquey v6". Its definitely got power to it, with a nice little intake rumble as a bonus! I never had any major problems with it. Everyday wear and tear such as transmission fluid changes, brake rotors and pads, and one of my bulbs went out. I was always working on my previous cars whether it was a valve cover gasket, tie rods, struts, water pump, alternator, etc. This car needed nothing! I bought it at 224,000 miles, and drove it to 261,000 miles, and it never gave me a single issue. Every time I stuck the key in the ignition, it was ready to go! 10/10!!!!

Favorite Feature : Everything is where it should be, very easy and cheap to work on, extremely reliable, amazing gas mileage without compromising power, smooth and comfortable ride, everything about it.

Suggested Improvement : They could have lowered the car rougly 1.2" for appearance, but no complaints!

Average Rating : 4.75


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