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AC problems logo 9/1/2015 Matt Sprenger

Our 15 XLT El has all the options we could want, and is almost as loaded as a Limited. However the AC cycles from icy cold to warm all the time every few seconds or minutes. We have had the vehicle in the Ford dealer to repair it 4 times. On the final repair they indicated that the EL is such a large vehicle that the AC compressor will cycle on and off constantly and that this operation is normal. We are very disappointed as this can't possibly be normal. Help!!Problem still persists. The dealer says this is normal and that the compressor should cycle on and off every few seconds. We can't seem to get help at all. This can not be normal as the temp coming from the vents fluctuates some 20 degrees every few seconds. Help!Update: 7-17-2016 The AC compressor still cycles on and off with every push or release of the gas pedal. Ford says there is nothing they can do, but I find this to be unacceptable. It takes about at least 15 mins to cool the cabin. Please help.

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