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Acceleration Issues logo 4/22/2015 lolo1234567

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this car. Although it does get great mileage it doesn't perform at the advertised MPG on the highways. I typically average between 38-42 MPG and drive no faster than 70 MPH. When in traffic or the city the car's MPG really shine.The car does not accelerate or have enough power to make the drive feel safe. Even when flooring the accelerator, frequently I enter the highway under the speed limit. The car also seems like it is struggling to maintain highway speed. On hills the car is terrifying, it loses all umph and rapidly decelerates. The car also rolls backwards similar to a manual when attempting to accelerate up hill from a stop.

Favorite Feature : Great Bluetooth and AUX ports. Never have an issue phone calls or music players.Dark interior carpet.Blinkers on side mirrors.Great vibrant color display panel for battery usage, eco-mode, fuel savings and other data.

Suggested Improvement : This car needs more power.Standard radio's green display panel seems outdated in comparison to the eco-panel directly above it.Plastic texture on steering wheel is too rough. On long drives it feels like sandpaper on your hands.The light grey of the two tone seat fabric is difficult to keep clean. Needs to be a darker color without multiple textures.The Toyota all weather floor mats are too shallow to prevent rain water from spilling onto carpet.The folding configuration of the backseats needs work. There's more usable space with the seats in the upright configuration.

Average Rating : 2.5


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