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Accord: nice features, awful ride quality logo 3/20/2015 ks1234

After driving a Camry for years, I bought a new 2015 Accord LX last week. Boy do I regret it.Just sitting in the Camry and Accord, there is no comparison - the Accord is nicer, has more standard features, and appears to be more solidly built. On my test drive I noticed that the ride was pretty bumpy but I wrote that off to the lousy condition of the local roads.The uh-oh moment came the next day on my ride to work when my brand new Accord found road bumps that I never knew existed. I'm sure it's just personal preference, but I find the ride quality to be HORRIBLE.For all the would-be Accord buyers out there, please test drive thoroughly before you buy. I wish I had.

Favorite Feature : Nice interior

Suggested Improvement : A suspension that dampens bumps instead of amplifying them

Average Rating : 2.5


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