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Acura RDX, a better Value logo 6/14/2016

I purchased a 2016 Acura RDX exactly 2 month before getting into this new lease. Driving impressions are still fresh from the Acura before starting driving the Lexus last Sunday, so the sensations are very noticeable: softer suspension in the Lexus, which is not necessarily better, too much body roll. Also, the steering in the Acura is sharper and more direct. We did not want to get another RDX, even though the experience has been outstanding. No high tech was needed, so we chose the base model. Kudos to the Acura, the basic equipment is superior: I lost 1. the memory seat, 2. the heated seats, 3. the moon roof, 4. several cubic feet of cargo storage, 5. a smoother engine, 6. silky smooth acceleration, 7. simplicity in the instrumentation (Lexus' is distracting, Acura's are practical and to the point). What did I gain? Nothing really, besides the fact that I am not parking 2 identical cars in our driveway. The payments were better though on the Lexus. One thing to consider: My right knee leans against the center console. Even though there is some padding, after a while it hurts from constant pressure. I love cars, never had driven a Lexus, I was curious to experience the good word about the service at the dealers, big mistake: Worst experience ever in 20 years buying, trading, selling cars. Choose your dealer well, avoid Pembroke Pines if you live in South Florida.In summary, overrated brand, well built, high quality materials, beautiful center console & display. Lexus is aware that it must differentiate well its cars from the parent company Toyota, and this NX is nothing more than a nicely equipped RAV4, nothing wrong with that, but the competition wins.Get the RDX.

Average Rating : 4


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