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After 100K start looking for something else logo 8/20/2015 Christine

Things that go wrong on this vehicle are commonly found: Rear bushings cause vehicle to sway at 55 mph -- very unsafe! Rear hatch and side doors stop opening -- this is not a cheap repair and is a safety hazard if you have people/children in the 2nd row of seats. It has leaked oil since 100K and the MAF sensor has gone out twice. I have had numerous repairs to address both, but the problems come back. The "check engine light" says it is a MAF issue, but even after repair, still stays on. I loved this vehicle for years!! I would have gladly purchased another Nissan, but with the repairs listed above (some of them safety-related) and Nissan not taking any responsibility, I am no longer interested in dealing with them.

Average Rating : 3


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