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After 14 years it was time to go logo 8/27/2015 BattleWagon!

I bought this van used, it was mashed, someone backed over the front of it with a truck and crushed the front end, which i ended up having to replace with junk yard parts.. The van had 37K miles on it when i purchased it and i only paid 4k for it with a clean title. I ended up spending a little less than 2k in parts and put it back together. It never had a single dealership take care of it, which i look for in used toyota's, because the dealerships are terrible when it comes to repairs, i have never seen a single toyota dealership actually fix an issue. Once back together the van was painted with a rattle can one color, the paint was never it's high point, but it was a low mile van, got decent MPG at 20 average, and had enough space to fit people, and stuff in it to move around. It had a great quality feeling interior, something the new ones still don't have. It didn't have the power doors, which is better since they never broke, and everything always worked. I recently sold the van with 397K miles on it.. It suffered from rust in the front rack, and it needed to be replaced, and some welding done, i purchased a used rack and it went with the van, i would have fixed it myself but, at this point in mileage i couldn't justify the work time to fix the issue. But, it ran/runs great, the next owner bought it for 2k and will replace the rack in it.. Never dropped a drip of oil, never burned anything, and if not for the rack i would have made a coast to coast trip with it tomorrow, without any concern it would have broken down. Unfortunately though, toyota's new cars lack the same solid feel, and quality.. so the day's of me driving a newer toyota are over.. Oh well it was nice while it lasted..

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