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After 3 years, no regrets! logo 6/13/2017 Jlo

On the 4th of July weekend, 2014, I went shopping for a new sports car. My budget was under $25k, not including my $9k trade-in. The V6 Camaro was the easiest to drive, but lacked visibility. The Dodge Challenger was the smoothest ride but only the V6 was within my budget. The Mustang GT has a 420 HP V8, 6 speed auto, and was the same price as the other two and way more fun to drive. Looking back over the last three years I have no regrets. I think my 2014 'live axle' GT looks better, sounds better, is quicker in the 1/4 mile straight run, and feels like it has more room for the driver, than the 'independent rear' 2015+ model Ford replaced it with. The Ford Mustang GT is the 'most-bang-for-the-buck' new muscle car you can buy today.

Average Rating : 5


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