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After 4 Years, Not Impressed logo 4/28/2016 jhill

I purchased a used 2010 EXL off lease where one would assume minimal issues. I got sucked into "It's a Honda, you won't have to worry about anything!" Needless to say, that was not my experience.In my opinion, the car is unpleasant to drive and very noisy. There is so much wind noise that you can't even use the Bluetooth radio feature because no one can hear you! The stock Michelins were loud and I replaced them with supposedly a more quiet tire and it did little to improve Road noise.The brakes should be recalled. I spent over 1k trying to get them fixed and then finally replaced. Mine rewarped twice before deciding to replace them. Honda could care less about this even though every single owner had the issue. If you buy one of this year model make sure they are fixed.The electronics use a lot of battery. Found this out when I was working in the car on a few occasions. 20 minutes of radio equals not enough power to start the car. Always fun trying to find someone to jump you. The battery tested fine at the dealership.I also had dumb things like 2 door locks that went bad. I couldn't open either passenger door without manually unlocking first. Another stupid thing that went wrong at $200 a piece. To top it all off, Honda didn't manufacture the transmission with a basic filter so it is recommended to change the fluid more often. Every other manufacturer has this, but in their genius engineering, decided to eliminate a basic feature that can avoid costly transmission repairs. The reviews about people losing their transmission are likely due to this.All in all, this car was not worth the money. It is unrefined and not as reliable as their reputation would lead you to believe. There are much nicer cars that can be had for less money.

Average Rating : 2


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