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After 5 years I still regret buying this thing. logo 8/31/2015 Nic

Problem #1 HHR would show the no seat belt light for passenger when no one was sitting there. Dealer claimed cell phones caused it to malfunctionProblem #2 The car would like autobrake rapidly causing the car to slowdown, and shake. It was very scary when it happened. The "ESC" or something was cutting on. Would have to pull over and restart the car. Dealer claimed they never heard of the problem but I found on line forums where others had this issue.Problem #3 Recall, after recall, after recallProblem #4 The door handle is made of cheap plastic and broke. Dealer wanted like $400 to fix it. Found a replacement on Amazon for $50 and put it in my selfProblem #5 Rotor and brakes when out. I think Problem #2 cause this. Cost me $530 to fix.Other issues.

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