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after 7yrs, i STILL would buy it all over again logo 8/9/2015 george

the first thing i have to say is "quick". there is a slight turbo lag but when it kicks're gone. and if you use the paddle shifters, forget about it. with the 4WD, even on wet surfaces, you get great acceleration. the ride is very comfortable and the back seats sit higher than the front seats so you don't get that claustrophobic feeling. it's no wonder that acura doesn't make the tiny 2.3L 4cyl turbo SH-AWD anymore...probably couldn't sell their MDXs. i have 2 gripes with the car... premium gas for the turbocharger and the rear windows don't go all the way down.since my last review, my cruise control button does not stay locked in the "on" position when desired. the cruise still works but goes off when the button is released.

Average Rating : 5


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