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After 9 months and lots of mile - thoroughly enjoying my Jeep logo 4/7/2015 Michael Buszuwski

I use my Wrangler as a Daily Driver and also do monthly road trips (400mi+) with the family. I have the soft top, the Willy's Wheeler Edition, and zero regrets. So many people obsess over getting a Hardtop but I recommend saving your money and just using the soft top - in 5 seconds you can retract to "sunrider mode" for sun and win, and in less than 5 minutes you can retract the top fully. The soft top is plenty warm enough for the coldest winters (I just went through one without issue) and its plenty quiet enough on the highway (I put on MANY highway miles thus far without a problem. My family and friends all want to buy a Wrangler of their own after riding mine. Great, fun vehicle.

Favorite Feature : Soft top is my favorite feature - those with a hard top are missing the entire point of owning a Wrangler. Next would be the 6 speed manual transmission which makes you feel like part of the Jeep while driving. The style, functionality, and comfort of the Jeep is next. I have manual windows/locks and truly like the simplicity of that set up.

Suggested Improvement : If anything can/should be improved, I would love to get more MPG.

Average Rating : 5


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