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Agree with Edmunds review but.... logo 9/10/2015 Eric Nesset

Basically the Edmunds review of Volvo's V60 is accurate in my experience, having purchased a new 2015.5 T5 Premier five months and 7000 miles ago. The only nit I would pick are the comments about the controls of the Sensus electronics system. The review mentions that the control via a dial on the central instrument panel is less than optimal. I would agree if this was the only way to control the various systems such as media, navigation, internet, etc. However, all of these systems can alternatively be controlled via the curled knob and a couple of pads located on the right hand of the steering wheel with your right hand thumb. Personally, I hardly ever use the dial on the center instrument cluster and use the steering wheel controls for entering radio, sirius, internet, navigation and phone inputs which I feel is at least as convenient as a central console mouse type control because you can leave both hands on the steering wheel while controlling these systems.After 18 months and 22,000 miles of ownership the car is still performing as new. Gas mileage is averaging about 30 mpg which is exceeding my expectations considering its performance and comfort. The only maintenance has been two Dealer 10K oil changes and checkups at no cost to me. The only changes to the car I would recommend are faster than 3G internet and the cars rather wide turning radius makes parking in tight spots a little challenging. The driver and passenger front seats are very comfortable on all day drives. I have now driven my V60 38,000 miles with no problems. Only routine 10K service and absolutely no repairs or issues with the car. I use it primarily for road trips and average over 30 mpg. The seats are really comfortable on all day drives and the leather looks new but I clean and treat the leather upholstery about twice a year so I'm sure that helps. I replaced the OEM Continental tires after only 25K miles because they became very noisy. The Pirelli P7 tires on the car now are much quieter and seem to be wearing well.

Average Rating : 5


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