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All fashion, no fuction. logo 7/2/2015 thelainster

I set out on a mission to buy a CX-5, but as a first time new-car-buyer, my dad advised me to get a Honda. At the time, the only CUV was the CR-V ( which I happen to think look like stinkbugs) so I waived him off. Then, I checked the Honda website and fell in love with the appearance and versatility of the HR-V. I bought it and almost immediately regretted my decision. I am 5'8' of legs and the HR-V just doesn't fit my stature. I even went so far as to modify the seat for an added tilt, which helped but didn't solve the problem. Plus, now I am farther away from the barely telescoping steering wheel. Overall, I am very torn on the whole thing.

Favorite Feature : Love the push start, magic seat and overall styling of the interface and dash.

Suggested Improvement : Put in power seats and a better telescoping wheel. Maybe even a longer seat base for us long-legged individuals.

Average Rating : 3.875


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