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All good except "smart features" logo 4/6/2017 Paul Pearce

I have had the Jeep for 1 year and 2 days, I have almost 27000 miles on it. Its been great, never been to the dealership. Oil and air filter are easy to change. The only issue I have had is the drivers seat cover is loose from the foam, shouldn't have happened after 27K. I don't like the start/stop button, I'd prefer a key, I bought the cheaper 4WD without selector switch, so I don't know when I'm in 4WD, that's dumb. I'm an engineer so I deactivated the stupid start stop feature that stops the engine when you stop at traffic lights and stop signs by removing the hood switch from the holder and laying it down inside the engine compartment, this disables the feature and you will get small idiot light on the dash but now I don't have to deactivate the stupid switch every time I drive it. Otherwise I love my Jeep

Average Rating : 5


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