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All is good other than the UVO/Nav that wont power logo 8/1/2015 richard miner

This is my first Kia and I have been happy with it most of the time with the exception of the Stereo/Nav unit not coming on for 2-3 Min (rear camera works). I had just moved to the Austin are and needed the Nav unit for work and I paid and extra 5K to get the upgrade to the model which had intergraded Nav unit . This car has been into the dealer 8-10 times for this same thing in the past 180 days, which started 2 weeks after I bought it and continues to this day. Not sure if this is just a "this car issue" I have recorded the issue almost every time. If this issue could be fixed I would be very happy with the car but after my experience with this Kia, Toyota or Honda is starting to look like a better choice for me. I think Kia is doing all they can to resolve the issue but we are no closer than when I started.

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