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All that I wanted... logo 6/13/2017 SilinDC

I'm glad I waited for this model to come out. I've owned a few VWs with the last one being a 2010 VW Golf 5 spd MT that was VERY reliable but lacked the 4 doors and storage space I needed for extracurricular activities (camping, kayaking, skiing). I had cross-shopped Subarus to see what I might be missing and almost bought one for my last car, but couldn't find a manual transmission anywhere and the newer ones have mostly phased them out for a CVT. The outback was nice, but when compared to the features I get with the Golf Alltrack and the manual transmission made it much more fun to drive! Also, cost a lot more for similar features. Now to the alltrack... I just did a 1,000 mile road trip and the car drives extremely smooth and when kept to about 70 mpg with a loaded car I was getting 35 mpg. The car has a perfect amount of storage space. The only negative would be the back seat is a little smaller than some others, but still good for a 6'0" person in the back as long as you don't try to put 5 people in the car. It's really much better for 4. For entertainment I can't get over how good CARPLAY is. It makes the car so much more enjoyable to use when trying to do navigation, listen/find music, voice text, etc... I previously had installed a high end Kenwood GPS system in my last car, but this is much better/easier to use. To wrap it up, the car handles very well, is smooth on the highway and pretty quiet, the entertainment system is easy to use and this is an overall great car. I can't wait til' ski season to try out the 4 wheel drive in the snow, but for the time being I'm just enjoying using the car and all it's features!

Average Rating : 5


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