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Almost 100,000 and still going good logo 3/15/2015 Mario Matias

I'm at 90,000 miles and haven't really had any major problems with the vehicle. Only thing I've had to replace is my tires. The only unscheduled issues I've had is problems with the truck's trim. It is a little cheap and not secured very well. A piece of the windshield trim flew off and I have a few other pieces of trim that are coming loose. That's not too big of a deal though. It's a nice family suv, it's very reliable and easy to work on. The pull-out table in the trunk is a nice little added feature also. I do recommend getting better tires if you want to take full advantage of the AWD. I definitely recommend this vehicle though.

Favorite Feature : AWD, pull-out table, back seats flip all the way up against the front seats.

Suggested Improvement : Higher quality trim. Bigger tires. More speeds on windshield wipers.

Average Rating : 3.75


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