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6-1/2 years old and zero repairs logo 4/3/2017 Matthew

No repair of any kind ever needed since I bought this car new in 2011. Just regular maintenance. Had the same story on my previous RX350. Unbeatable reliability. It's no BMW (I have owned a couple of those) but you feel firmly in control in any highway or city situation. Wife and I are older, and we appreciate the ease of getting in and out plus the advantage of sitting higher than much of the traffic. Very comfortable ride and satisfactory all around vehicle for normal driving. Son-in-law has one just like mine, someone pulled onto the highway right in front of him with traffic at 60mph. He swerved to avoid the idiot, got bounced back and forth between an oncoming pickup and another one behind him, rolled 4 times, all 11 airbags deployed and he crawled out of the sunroof with just a sore neck. His car was squashed front and back. Automatic fuel cutoff and doorlocks. That's pretty good safety.

Average Rating : 5


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