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Almost awesome logo 4/29/2016 Richard Moller

Japanese car makers understand that a person will drive their car, and they usually engineer their cars to make all controls easily accessible. Sit in an American car, and you have to reach for often used controls--like radio knobs. (I recently rented an American car and I had to stop the car to find the headlight switch--it was hidden by the steering wheel and could not be seen while driving!) The 2016 Camry I just purchased is mostly driver friendly, but I am not happy to report that I must reach for the radio tuning button. (There may be a seek button on the graphics display which I will eventually find, but I prefer to use the manual knob and keep my eyes on the road when I am on a long trip and need to find for a new station when the previous station begins to fade out of range.) I am also disappointed that the 2016 models all have black as their primary interior color. I live in Houston, where black is a terrible car interior color during most of the year. (Mine has a partial ash-grey interior color, and I must say--is a GREAT two-tone look. But I really wish they offered a tan interior, with comparable exterior color, as a color option.)One last note, and this may apply to all new cars, since they use computers to regulate gas combustion: it can take quite a while before you see true MPG readings after purchasing a new car. It takes a combination of city and highway driving before the computer has enough info to regulate the engine properly. In my case, it was about at the 450-mile mark, almost one month after I bought the car. Before that, I was seeing 18-19 MPG highway or city. I am now approaching 24 MPG and expect it to get a little better the more I drive the car. So far, I am very happy with my purchase. But between the lack of color choices and having to reach for controls, I am worried that Toyota is getting sloppy with their car design.

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