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Almost - but not quite logo 3/6/2015 chefshellie

I bought the 2015 Optima EX, fully loaded. It had every feature my Lexus IS 250 had and was in my new (lower) price range.Unfortunately, just because it has those features doesn't mean they work well, or as they should. My biggest annoyance is that the passenger seat is WAY too low. It does not have an up/down feature (why only 4 way power?) and at 5'6", I can barely see over the dashboard like a 10 year old, and at 42, I am not about to sit on a pillow. This is a real drag.

Favorite Feature : It gets pretty good gas mileage. 28 on the Freeway, which is nice. 21 in town. But given the power it doesn't have, I feel like MPG could be much better

Suggested Improvement : Fix the passenger seat height. This seat is mounted ridiculously too low.Fix the ability to turn the engine off while in drive. Fix the auto folding mirrors so they don't fold in when you accidently press the unlock twice.Somewhat lacking in power.

Average Rating : 3.25


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