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Almost Five Stars logo 8/27/2015 lori503

I just bought this car three weeks ago. It's a very refined ride, very quiet, nice interior with a dash I prefer to the newest Sonata. Seats are really comfortable and adjustable, although the front passenger seat is too low and doesn't have electric controls. Infinity sound is fantastic, navigation is far superior to Toyota (husband has a Prius) panoramic roof is luxurious, trunk space is adequate but not great due to the battery placement. I applaud Hyundai so much for integrating a regular 6sp auto transmission and not a dreadful CVT. This car drives smoothly and quietly. Took a 10-hour drive a few days ago and was able to achieve nearly 47 mpg highway in Eco mode. I'm at 39 city in Eco mode. I didn't buy this car in Eco mode. I was initially getting 26.2 mpg in town, and was not happy. I'm happy now with the mileage. My one and only complaint with this car is that the handling is not good. Steering wheel is pretty and nicely appointed, but doesn't seem particularly connected to the drivetrain. I'm overlooking this, though, as I think it's a fantastic car overall and will last a very long time. Plus, it's quite pretty.

Average Rating : 4


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