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Almost ideal minivan falls short on driver comfort logo 6/15/2016 William Picard

After about a month of daily use, I have only two complaints about the 2016 Odyssey EX. First, there is very little legroom for the driver's left leg. Because of the front cabin shape and wheel well placement, it's impossible to stretch out the left leg while driving. I'm comparing this to my previous car, a Honda Accord; I haven't driven any other minivans, so I don't know whether the Toyota Sienna, for instance, is more comfortable for the driver. This may sound minor, but it's making me dread my upcoming cross-country move, during which my leg will be bent at an unpleasant angle for 9+ hours each day.The second complaint is about the entertainment/information panels. My last car was a 1998, so I can't compare this to its modern peers, but the all-digital interface makes me pine for the days of physical knobs controlling simple things like balance and tone. I can't navigate through multiple menu screens while driving, just to control the bass or the balance. And overall, I find the computer controls to be un-intuitive.

Average Rating : 4


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