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Almost perfect logo 9/13/2015 Mike

So I traded in a Focus Titanium for an Edge SEL with all of the extra options. I'll start off by saying I absolutely love the look, the ride quality is great, and the 2.0 has great power. I'll start out listing the pros; the hands free lift gate is a really nice feature to have and my wife loves the panoramic sun roof. The Edge drives really well and the base EcoBoost motor has plenty of pickup. The leather inside feels high quality and my wife and I have I issues with the seats as some other owners were saying. Now for some of the cons; the Edge has some noises inside. I have not yet gone to the dealership to ask them to fix the issues but the biggest one is the drivers side door has an air leak somewhere up by the drivers left ear. It's a squeak once you are driving a certain speed. Another noise inside the vehicle is the back seat. The bottom bench cushion has two clips that rattle non stop even when the vehicle is just idling and not moving. I luckily did not have the water leaking like some other owners but I have noticed the hood moves and shimmies sometimes while driving. The only other issue I am having is with a bubble in the drivers side door in the paint. Again, I have not gone back to the service department yet so I cannot comment on how quick ford will help with the issue. Overall I am pleased with the purchase and will be extatic if the issues get resolved through the dealer.

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