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Almost Perfect logo 9/12/2015 Terry

First and foremost this SUV is beautiful and a pleasure to drive. Now for the bad! Air suspension is problematic! My air compressor took a dump at 50K right out of warranty. $1400 to repair. looks like LR knew about the compressor issue and upgraded the 2011+ models. nav/radio blanks out from time to time...easy fix. shut down and restart. last but not least, deep pockets for the service dept. Don't get me wrong, service(Land Rover Huntington) are very professional and are amazing. But....$200 for an oil change, that's out of control. Another issue i also had was the front control arm bushings going bad causing another $1000 deposit to the service dept. Now the good! Again AMAZING to drive. V8 has endless power, active air suspension(when it works) gives a smooth confident feeling. Its very handsome,its not the most expensive LR but it still gets the head turns like its bigger more expensive brothers. It truly is an amazing vehicle, just make sure you buy CPO or make sure you have it warrantied with a LR approved extended warranty company.

Average Rating : 4


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