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Amazed this is a Ford! logo 7/21/2015 Sean Dryden

I never thought I would buy a Ford, having always driven Toyotas and Hondas. Consumer Reports has been increasingly giving Ford praise though, this car included.I purchased all the options... Primarily because my OCD hates plate covers where buttons should be, taunting with features that might have been. First, the fuel economy is incredible. I live exactly 20 miles away from work and able to charge at both work and home. The Fusion makes it round trip on electric alone. Sometimes it gets up to 24 mile range, if in traffic. Sometimes it's closer to 17, like when the a/c is on. I last filled up about 4 weeks ago, driven about 400 miles since, and still have a full tank. On hybrid mode, without plugging in, the mpg is around 40-50. Still not to bad for a large sedan. The battery takes up a lot of room though. I can fit one suitcase in the trunk, one on the back seat and still have room for Captain Henry Gingersnaps Pomeranian carrier in the other half of the back seat.I went with the Fusion because it was by far more comfortable than the Camry or Prius hybrids. It's very sophisticated inside, with nice materials that fit together very well. They got a serious design master who thoughtfully crafted every part of this car inside and out. It just looks absolutely incredible, and before purchasing I often mistook the Fusion for Astin Martin.Every thing is where you would expect it, so operating all the functions is immediately familiar. I even found the computer system easy to use, and love there are still real buttons for most used features of the air and radio. This was a huge deal for me; coming from a 2012 Honda with the worst, most antiquated system ever.A few of the Fusions more advanced features take a bit more practice, if like me, you'd never used them before.The lane keep system basically does not work at all. It's good at yelling at you to get your hands back on the wheel, which is nice, but let go and the car will quickly steer you into the vehicle next lane over. Almost like a threat... Fine don't put your hands on the wheel, time to die. However, it does help for those who may have a light grip. It's also very vocal about taking breaks, and it's usually right. It starts flashing driver alert, take a break, and I usually agree it's probably a good time for one. But I generally like breaks anyway. The radar cruise control is really nice to use... But can also be finicky. For instance, if a your on the freeway and a car pulls into your lane in front of you, the Fusion will continue to accelerate until the other vehicle is directly in front of you. Sometimes to the point where it starts flashing the emergency break redlights at you while it's still speeding up! Most of the time it works decently well enough and is very convenient. Overall, I am incredibly happy with my new Ford Fusion.

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