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Amazing Car. logo 3/31/2015 Ømar Chafee

I had a dark red 06 Eclipse GT with that "rare" black strip going down the front bumper. It was a beautiful car I bought a nice spoiler for it too. It really drove great, I had it from 75 K miles to 115 K miles until it was hit by a drunk driver, totaling it. It gave me small minor problems throughout the time I've had it but that's almost what's to expect from any used car near or over 100 K. My car door sometimes wouldn't close, I had to get it a new battery because the battery I had was very weak.. ect. The sound quality is absolutely magnificent. That speaker in the trunk really gives the overall sound an extra punch. Acceleration is great. I liked nearly everything about this car.

Favorite Feature : It's looks. This car without a doubt turns heads. The one I had, people would always walk up to me and compliment my ride, It felt great.

Suggested Improvement : Back seat is the smallest tightest I've ever seen..+ The seats, aren't incredibly comfortable.

Average Rating : 4.375


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