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Amazing little car! Best commuter car logo 8/18/2016 Kristina Brazeal

I love this car. It's been great, dependable, reliable all its days.**UPDATE: If I still had my little 2009, I'd say the same thing. I loved that car so much that when a texting driver rear ended it and totaled it out last year, I cried for days. I cried even more when we replaced it with a 2012 Toyota Corolla that we later realized had not been taken care of properly and is a total piece of junk. All that to say, a Toyota Corolla is an excellent, dependable car--if you take care of it. If I had the money, I'd buy another one new so I knew the kind of care it had received. I would trust it.Now, it is not a family car--the back seat is tiny and does not accommodate rear facing car seats very well without the person in the front seat being very uncomfortable (and my current car seat is so ginormous it wouldn't even fit), but for 1-2 adults, even with preschoolers through middle school kids, this car would be fine. Miss the gas mileage it had!

Average Rating : 5


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