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Amazing MPGE logo 7/9/2016 Richard Staples

I bought my 2016 Ford Fusion Energi this March 22 2016 and could not be more pleased. It is good looking, comfortable, good handling and I get great mileage. My car was filled up at the dealership when I bought it and I did not put any gas in it until my birthday three months later on June 22! I did NOT need gas since it registered three quarters full but I was curious about my mileage. Nearly all of my driving is in town within the 19 mile electric range which, so far has proven fairly accurate. When I filled up on June 22, I had driven 716 miles and it took exactly 5.138 gallons to fill it up! Again, my driving allows me to use it in electric mode nearly 100% of the time, I only drive it in hybrid mode when I visit my son (28 mile round trip), my daughter (22 mile round trip) , or any trip over the electric mode limit which is not often. I do wish ford would place the battery system between the frame like Tesla to allow more trunk space and I agree that the Mytouch system takes a while to learn, but those are my only points of concern. At my electric rate I calculate I may spend around $8 per month to charge the car but I have been unable to detect a change in my bill.

Average Rating : 4


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