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Amazing truck but has it's flaws. logo 7/25/2015 Ryan

Pros: Super reliable: 220k on mine and all it's needed is 2 alternators and a set a glow plugs. Super powerful: Hits 90mph easily but has a Governor at 92. Neutral: Gas mileage: Horrible when going slow or stop and go. Got 5mpg in some areas before. BUT, I get 18-20 on the Hwy and Freeways and ~15 when pulling a large trailer which is amazing considering how big and powerful the vehicle is.Cons: Lots of little stuff. Bad stereo, AC works but needs Freon and doesn't have recirculating air, power locks broke, electric seat adjuster barely works, tires are too small for the engine so flats and tire ware can be an issue, bad traction when not in 4x4 but it's only an issue during snow or when off roading.Summary: Everything that matters works amazingly and is super reliable but it does have many small problems.

Average Rating : 5


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