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AMG Rocks This Car logo 9/11/2015 Jeff Smith

Lots of the criticism of this car is ride quality. That's like criticizing a Porsche Boxster because it doesn't ride as smoothly as a VW Jetta. This car in the GLA-45 incarnation is a small beast. We got the performance exhaust, which I would highly recommend to anyone who wants the sound of snap crackle and pop when decelerating or starting up. The sound is just entertaining and roguish. The car's handling is just about perfect. The paddle shifters give you the control to make driving the car unbelievably fun.On one occasion we took it in for a precautionary visit at the dealer and we were introduced to Mercedes service, which in our experience was a cut above that of other premium cars we had owned (Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac).The car's aesthetics are eye-catching and we get lots of comments on the sporty look of the GLA-45.The interior is well thought-out and comfortable. The Recaro seats provide a tight yet very adjustable sports seating experience.We had the Porsche Macan on the short list, but it is SO MUCH MORE expensive (even without the turbo option) and we've never regretted the decision to go GLA.The only downside we've noticed, and you'll read it in all the reviews is a lag in initial takeoff acceleration. It's certainly not there in any other gears. Shifting and acceleration are wonderful in all situations except the one you'll experience from zero to 10 MPH. It's like a turbo lag... but that's not what it is. We're hoping that a firmware upgrade in the car's computer will be available in the future, since this is obviously a logic issue. If you're not drag racing, it won't bother you. The car reviews wonderfully, because even though all reviewers mention this lag, what happens once the lag has passed is pure driving pleasure.

Average Rating : 5


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